The US Election, Daniel, and the Kingdom of God

This has been, and will continue to be, an historic election. There have been other divisive elections in our country, none more so than 1860, but the level of known corruption of one candidate compared with the lack of political experience and acumen in the other is fascinating to me, as a history major and an American. Add in the transparent failings of the media at large and the abundance of social media and leaking of digital information … there’s never been anything like it.

Fascinating in its tragedy, for sure.

But there is a spiritual side of this that is true. Not convenient, but true.

First, on the election. My prediction is that Hillary Clinton will win. Support for Trump is deceptive due to the bullying by the media and some liberals in our country, so that prediction may be off. But I say she will win because she operates in the extreme “by any means necessary” philosophy, with the goal being gaining power for herself. She has rigged one election that we have proof of, and major news outlets and our justice system refuse to hold people accountable for fair elections. Our president, who once demonized her but now supports her, even told illegal immigrants not to worry. Just go out and vote.

They are Marxists and communists in their philosophy and beliefs, so this is consistent with those inhuman beliefs.

Our justice system as a whole has decided she’s above the law, despite clear evidence she has proven unfit and immoral and corrupt.

I believe that Hillary Clinton could sacrifice kittens to Voldemort on live TV in one hand and bash in the heads of little Hatian children in the other, all while laughing with glee, and people would say, “At least she’s not Trump!” Others would praise her for being so progressive.

As an aside, let me say I have the utmost respect for those few and rare liberals who are calling her out, strong women and others like Jill Stein. I may disagree with their political positions but I honor their intellectual integrity.

Trump has his issues, so much so that it is valid whether a Christian can sensibly vote for him, but for every negative about Trump, factual or imagined, Hillary is ten times worse in reality.

She is anti-religious liberty, anti-woman, anti-children, anti-democracy and will of the people, immoral, racist, and anti-feminist. All of this by her own words in her own emails.

And she will probably be president by Tuesday night.

Since the media colludes with her and the justice system refuses to hold her accountable and voters participate in the tribal division and other parties can’t find a candidate to truly unify us … America will get the president it deserves.

I do not say it with condemnation  or glee. That is tragic. It breaks my heart. I relate to the prophets of the Old Testament more than ever.

But I am not afraid.

I am not afraid because of Daniel.

I’ve been writing some blog articles on the book of Daniel and his story. The main point of those articles (and as I continue to write them) is that despite the oppressive government of Babylon and Persia, the Kingdom of God was still in control.

Story after story illustrates this. Daniel and his resistance to the luxury of the new nation. Daniel interpreting the dream through the power of God that showed the supremacy of the Kingdom of God. Three men refusing to bow to an idol and surviving a fiery furnace. Daniel and the lion’s den. All of it shows us that the power of the Kingdom does not rely upon the cooperation of the worldly government.

I am not afraid because I am a part of the Kingdom of God. It is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is eternal. We have the Spirit that raised Him from the dead.

No person or government on Earth can kill a church whose Spirit is more powerful than death. What is temporary and earthly cannot limit what is eternal and heavenly.

God’s goal is ultimately not a great America. It does not please him for it to be destroyed or divided, but his ultimate goal is a thriving, radical, loving, powerful church, discipled and operating in the Kingdom of God. He will use whatever he’s given to accomplish that.

As I’ve said before, God will sacrifice what is temporal and will not last for that which is eternal and will last.

The gates of Hell will not prevail against a church built on Christ alone.

The question to the believers in our country is not who you’re voting for. Now, don’t misunderstand, a mature believer has prayed and sought God’s wisdom on how to use that right. But there is a bigger question we need to be asking ourselves.

Are we prepared to do the work to be the church we’ve been called to be?

Will we sacrifice our convenience and luxury and entertainment for discipline and generosity? Will we decide to be missionaries in our own nation? Will we continue to laud our bigger meetings, or will we seek true discipleship in the deeper things of the Kingdom? Will we continue to slide along and compromise with the ways of the world, or will we stand in the truth and find creative ways to resist the tide of decadence and corruption and speak the truth in love? Will we unify on the person of Christ and the power of the Spirit which alone has the power to change, or will we blame other Christians who didn’t vote the way we did?

Will we be the kind of church that busts the gates of Hell wide open?

If our answers to those questions are opposite the realities of the Kingdom of God, then it will not matter who wins on Nov. 8.

Even if we wake up on Nov. 9 and Trump supporters have done the near impossible of outvoting Democrats, the dead, and illegal aliens, many of them voting more than once, God is looking for a church that will wake up to its destiny in him.

I am thankful for other Christian leaders with a greater voice than mine who have been saying much the same thing. It encourages me.


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